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In my opinion, Giants are still the very best soldiers in Clash of Clans for all reasons. One reason is because Leaders may fill the tank position much better than Barbarians because they’ve a lot more wellness and ergo they’re less vulnerable to dash attack from Mortars and Magician Towers. They are also successful on the chart simply because they prioritize targeting a defensive building which means by using Giants you are able to focus on neutralizing the enemy’s defensive power as fast as possible. Furthermore, Giants are also well-known for their exemplary uses to keep and soak up visitors because of their comrades.

One effective raiding technique can be used applying a mix of few Leaders and lots of Archers. First, use Leaders to distract all the defensive structures attack focus and then rapidly drop Archers near the attacking tower to ruin them. That technique, when used effectively, can quickly wipe out a complete foundation and wound upImage result for Clash of clans rewarding you with a 3-star victory.

Leaders have been shown to be invaluable when combined with Wall breakers and Goblins. That technique works great when applied to a heavily fortified foundation with a lot of sources available. First, just like the previous method, utilize Giants to keep most of the defensive buildings and then drop the Wall breakers proper nearby the line of walls you want to breach. You simply need to ensure that any defensive systems in the vicinity had their concentrate on the Leaders because Wall gold are very fragile. When the walls have been breached, easily discharge all the offensive models like Barbarians or Archers to ruin the defensive towers and Goblins to take the resources.

There’s also yet another famous raiding technique using a combination of lots of Leaders and 2 healers. This strategy will work in nearly all types of bases. Basically, you just need to spam all of the Giants you’ve on the chart, preferably shut to one another, and then when the Leaders start to obtain target shot by the surrounding defensive building, you release the two healers about 5 tiles behind the group of Giants. That strategy operates since a lot of the time the 2 healers, may cure back all the damage that has been performed to the number of Leaders facing them. Provided plenty of time, those Giants could wipe out a well-fortified opponent foundation with only several casualties. Nevertheless, you have to be cautious when employing that technique because an Air Security may 2-shotted your healer model from afar and also keep clear of the spring traps that may destroy your Leaders within an instant.

Moreover, it can be sensible that you include more tools to your series for an improved defence mechanism. Even if you are limited in the number of weapons you can add to your clan, the game gives you the freedom of introducing more weapons as you development from period to the other. Furthermore, you also need to decide on effective weapons that you need to use to assault your enemies. Meaning you must choose weapons which can be convenient to use for such scenarios.

The next technique that you’ll require to master on so you can gain in that sport is how exactly to attack. Nevertheless, the approaching technique that you choose will depend on your goal. You can use an attacking strategy to amass silver as well as to amass elixir. Moreover, you should be aware that approaching strategies are very different at every stage. Meaning you should modify your approaching strategy for every stage.

The easy way of increasing your winning possibilities would be to upgrade your elixir and gold as properly to reach the utmost collection. Furthermore, in addition you require to help keep on attacking more villages so you can accumulate items and get more elixir and gold. Moreover, it’s sensible that you secure your victory in fights so that you don’t eliminate factors or some of the gold.

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